Michael C. Beach

Michael C. Beach is a freelance Interactive Designer experienced in the authorship and design of corporate WebSites that effectively convey branding and identity while employing clean, elegant design. An organization's website is a critical expression of its strategy. The wise construction of a website should be an experience in organizational learning incorporating the input from all over the organizational system. The development of a website can also affect an organization's structure and process. These are all considerations addressed through a design partnership with Michael Beach.

It is Michael's belief, and operating procedure, that the design is really the end result, not the beginning. Many elements need to be in place, understood, and implemented through the whole process. The client must feel secure, comfortable, aligned and always "in the loop" during the project. Michael's experience has shown him that, initially, many clients are skeptical about their knowledge concerning design, layout, color palettes, etc. However, after the first meeting and brainstorming session, they realize they know more than they thought. Excellent design is a collaborative effort, the client is invaluable.

It is this quality and level of communication and discovery that makes working with Michael not only effortless, but in the end, hugely successful.

In the ever fluid realm of the Internet, corporate Sites must possess a myriad elements in which to be successful. Michael has defined these elements and uses them as a roadmap to navigate the sometimes bumpy road of WebSite design. Those elements are as follows:
• Navigation must be clear and consistent
• Gaudy, trendy gimmicks are no more than gaudy, trendy gimmicks
• Branding and corporate identity must be defined and consistently carried throughout the entire Site
• Color palattes must convey the corporate message in an appropriate manner
• Content is king
• All graphic decisions must be based upon the credo "is this clean, elegant, and professional?"
• Know your audience and design to them
As with all professions and trades, expert knowledge of the tools necessary to carry-out the job is absolutely essential. Michael is highly proficient on high-end, current software needed to design contemporary Sites. The list below is a partial representation of his tool box.
Digital Imaging
Adobe PhotoShop
Adobe Illustrator
Equilibrium Debabalizer
Adobe ImageReady
Web Authoring
Adobe GoLive
Adobe PageMill
MacroMedia DreamWeaver
Microsoft FrontPage
Animation/New Media
MacroMedia Flash
MacroMedia Director
MacroMedia SoundEdit 16
DigiDesign ProTools
QuickTime Virtual Reality Authoring Studio
Scripting Languages
ActionScript (Flash)
Everybody knows, however, that all the software and all the ivory tower ideals are without substance if there is no real world experience to back them up. Michael has been designing mid and large scale corporate Sites for approaching ten years. The following is a client list representing a wide variety of client situations.

Staples, Inc.
Information Mapping, Inc.
Roxy Systems, Inc.
International Communications, Inc.
Ensr, Inc.
Coco & Co.
New Context Consulting
RollerKingdom, Inc.
Filsinger Games
Carter United Methodist Church
Klezmer Conservatory Band
SmartIsra Pages
St. Lawrence County Office of Economic Development
Wurlitzer Music and Sound

Michael's online portfolio is a highly sophisticated, multi-dimensional Site affording the user a high-degree of interaction. It is comprised of two levels - one employing Flash technology, and the other employing traditional HTML.

The Flash level has many spheres of interest. The user can turn audio on and off; walk through an animated design presentation of a brochure; watch a multimedia presentation of a Site overhaul from start to finish; go to a virtual photography gallery and interactively decide which pictures to view, as well as experience other interesting dimensions of the design process. This Site is elegantly wrapped in a contemporary format and when you are finished, you'll be convinced that you were watching TV!

WebSites can be that vital! That engaging! That great!