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Our Clients

New Context Consulting has over two decades of experience completing successful consulting and training projects with companies of all types, sizes and locations:

United States
Financial Services
Fortune 100
Health Care
Fortune 500
Family business
Federal, state, or local government agency
Consulting Firms

"The individuals comprising New Context Consulting are superb..."

"We have been most pleased with the work which New Context Consulting has performed for us..."

"Michael, let me again thank you for the important roles you played at last year's retreat..."

"The International Association for Product Development (IAPD) has utilized advanced learning methodologies installed by Michael Sales for the past 13 years..."

"Dr. Sales quickly affiliated with us and made our goals paramount..."

"It's clear that Michael is 'in my corner' as a consultant..."

"Michael Sales is exordinarily skilled at bringing sound principles of sustainable colloboration to life..."

"Michael Sales is a wonderful coach and a terrific trainer..."

"When promoted to manage a thousand person manufacturing operation, Michael Sales helped me sort through resistance and see the systemic issues..."

Client Stories

In spite of their variety, the organizations who come to us have a common need to produce outstanding results in an increasingly turbulent, uncertain business environment.

Why do companies make the investment to engage our services? What benefits have they experienced when they do? To give you a window into our past work with clients, we have provided two ways to access client stories that describe the results of our consulting and training projects:

Go to the services that most interest you, then click on the client stories linked to those services.

Vision and Strategy

Creating and implementing a shared vision (mission, objectives, values):

Major corporate divisions

Developing strategic initiatives based on creative foresight about new industry possibilities:

•Top management teams
•Strategic alliances
•Cross-functional strategy development teams

Process Redesign and Business Issue Solutions

•Process redesign projects
•Business problem-solving projects
•Training in how to facilitate effective problem-solving sessions
•Simulation about the value of cross-functional team structures

Leadership and Organizational Change

Making needed changes in organizational structure and culture:

Forging alignment between owners or boards and top managers
Merging corporate cultures
Designing and implementing new organizational structures
Implementing team-based work structures
Changing culture to improve business results
Bringing about alignment between organizational levels
Fostering cross-functional collaboration
Developing customer partnerships
Resolving conflicts and healing wounds

Related services:

Executive coaching for organizational leaders Developing leadership teams
Trainings for organizational leaders

Dialogue and Community-Building Forums

Bringing people together for dialogue that deepens understanding about important and sometimes emotional issues:

•The Group Dialogue Process
•Customer-Supplier Dialogues
•Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues
•Dialogues for resolving conflicts and healing wounds

Sharing important information and developing a stronger sense of community within and between organizations:

•Design and facilitation of organizational "conferences"
•Community-building events and practices

High-Performance Teamwork

Developing outstanding teams and team leaders:

•Building top executive teams
•Building middle-managment teams
•Building front-line teams
•Coaching team leaders
•Trainings for team leaders
•Team Mastery
(a teamwork skills training for in-tact groups)
•Other trainings in high-performance teamwork skills

Skills for Peak Performance

Using experiential, application-oriented training programs and training design services to achieve enhanced individual, team, and organizational performance:

•The Organization Workshop™ (simulation, leadership and partnership)

•Personal Mastery and Leadership
•Effectiveness™ Personal Mastery and Team Effectiveness™ Leading with Vision™
•Pulling Together™ (simulation, value of cross-functional teamwork) Facilitation for
•Results™ (facilitation skills, for leaders or HR/OD professionals)
•Collaboration Skills™ (basic and advanced) Collaboration Skills for Consultants™
•The Art and Practice of Coaching™ (includes lateral & upward coaching) The Resiliant
•Response™ (managing personal & organizational stress)


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