Grady McGonagill

Since 1982 Grady has been President of McGonagill & Associates, an organizational consulting and management development firm specializing in building capacity for learning and change. He has distinctive expertise in the following areas:

Leadership Development Programs: Creating support for development of leadership capacity at all levels of an organization, through the design and delivery of programs that integrate ongoing learning about the personal and interpersonal dimensions of leadership with day-to-day work challenges.

Developing a Culture of Learning and Coaching: Helping organizations identify, develop, and institutionalize the mindsets and skills conducive to a climate of ongoing self-initiated learning and support for the learning of others.

Individual Coaching: One-on-one coaching to develop the mindsets and skills that promote leadership, learning and change.


Illustrative Experience

Over the past 10 years Grady has been a key adviser to a premier global consulting firm in the development of a culture of learning and coaching, a critical element of the firm’s aspiration to attract, develop and retain great people. To strengthen on-the-job learning, he helped the firm institute new team leadership practices that have been adopted world-wide. In addition, he designed a high-impact coaching workshop that has become part of the Firm’s required curriculum and has trained a world-wide network of facilitators to deliver it.

Since 1996 Grady has supported a major global electronics firm in a variety of initiatives aimed at developing leadership and fostering change. From 1996-2000 Grady was the lead faculty member for a year-long Change Agent Program that provided emerging leaders with opportunities to take on challenging projects while supported by a comprehensive curriculum of multi-disciplinary learning and coaching. Grady led workshops and offered individual coaching to help participants develop the self knowledge and interactive skills that would enable them to take initiative, mobilize support, and model leadership for transformational change.

Grady’s workshops on coaching, leadership, conflict management, team building, and interpersonal skills have been offered through a number of executive programs, including Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, M.I.T.’s Sloan School of Management, Babson College’s Center for Executive Education, and Brandeis University's Heller School of Management.


Grady holds a doctorate from Harvard University and a master’s degree from Stanford University. Grady is the author of a chapter in Executive Coaching, edited by C. Fitzgerald and J. Berger (San Francisco: Davies Black Publishing, 2002)