Harvey Greenberg

Harvey Greenberg, Principal and Founder of Nehoiden Partners, is an innovative, thoughtful and experienced business leader, executive coach and consultant committed to creating effective workplaces. His more than 20 years of operations experience in technology and manufacturing senior management, coupled with 15 years in training and development, organization development, employee relations and senior Human Resources management, has equipped him with a pragmatic, realistic approach to solving business problems from the human and organizational perspectives.

Harvey's broad experience in working with people from the manufacturing floor level to the boardroom has developed an appreciation of the multiplicity of perspectives to any organizational problem. Having successfully contributed in entrepreneurial, fast growth, highly competitive and intense turnaround business environments, he has a broad point of view useful in providing diverse approaches to organizational challenges.

His experience in working and living overseas and in serving clients in Asia and in Europe adds an important dimension of multicultural understanding.

His approach to consulting builds upon his expertise in the leadership of business operations and the leadership, management and development of human resources. He works primarily with individual leaders and teams to enhance their effectiveness in implementing their objectives. His work with leadership teams focuses on assuring alignment of organizational objectives, clear organizational structures and responsibilities, appropriate systems and processes, and productive, results-driven interpersonal relationships. His recent client groups include Capital One Financial, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Tire Warehouse and IQuum, Inc.

Harvey has held various positions at EG& G, Inc. and Polaroid Corporation, both in the US and overseas, including Senior Manufacturing Manager and Senior Vice President Human Resources. He holds a BS in Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, an MBA from Boston University and an MS in Human Resource Development from American University. He is a faculty member at Boston University where he teaches graduate courses in Organizational Behavior. He lives in Needham, Massachusetts with his wife of 33 years, has 2 grown daughters and when not working with clients can be found on stage in community theater, in his workshop or his gardens.