Lisa Hirsh


Lisa Hirsh focuses on improving organizational performance and spirit, particularly in times of growth, changes in strategic direction, and mergers and acquisitions. She integrates the business and the interpersonal side of leadership and teams so that people accomplish their goals and deepen their working relationships. She concentrates on the interconnection and the impact of each part of a system on the whole.In her 20 years of organizational change experience in large and small businesses, healthcare and education, she has coached senior leaders and middle management, provided innovative methods for mobilizing the organization for change, built high performance teams, and helped clients develop learning cultures. In addition, she has led leadership development programs, consulting skills and organizational change courses, facilitated both sensitive small meetings as well as company-wide sessions and tackled a wide variety of human resource issues.

Her clients include technology, university, health care, financial services, consumer products, and public sector organizations. Prior to founding Lisa Hirsh & Associates in 1997 Lisa was a Principal at CSC Index and a leader of the Change Management Practice where she directed and participated in assignments such as:

• Consulted with senior levels of management on strategic planning, leadership .development, decision-nflict.
• Developed and led cultural assessments in several organizations undergoing major change. The process helped the ..organizations manage successful implementation of projects by identifying the strengths of the existing culture and .the potential barriers to change.
• Developed effective teams to ensure active and committed sponsorship of reengineering by the CEO and his direct ..reports. Coached redesign teams in business process redesign and implementation.

Before joining CSC Index, Lisa Hirsh was Director of Organizational Development and Training at Keane, Inc., a software applications consulting firm. There she was responsible for developing and coaching the top 60 leaders of the company, designing and implementing development programs for mid-level managers and technical staff. She also developed an intensive education program for new college graduates to learn consulting and team skills. While at Keane she coached senior management in the integration of acquired companies focusing on retention of employees and reducing loss of productivity in the months after a merger. Prior to Keane she was senior organizational consultant at the Center for Negotiation and Public Policy where she helped representatives from industry, government, and private organizations develop long-term negotiation strategies to solve complex economic and environmental issues.

Lisa is a speaker on communications and the human side of organizational change. She holds a C.A.S from Harvard University in Organizational Development, a M.Ed. from Lesley College, and BA from Oberlin College in History. She is certified in Myers-Briggs.

A partial list of her clients includes: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Pfizer, Fidelity Investments, Cambridge Health Alliance, Amerada Hess, Mount Sinai Hospital, McKinsey & Co., Sapient, State Street, Sun Oil, Kodak, The Global Challenge Initiative, Florida Power, Siemens, New Fund, American Association of Medical Colleges. Borden, Kodak.