Marcia Hyatt

Marcia Hyatt is a facilitator and teacher focusing on power, organizational learning and leadership. Marcia has over twenty-five years of experience in management and human resource development. Marcia served on the faculty of the University of Minnesota and held corporate positions in both the computer and energy industries. She has worked as an independent consultant since 1991. In 1993, Marcia was co-author of the book, Towards the Learning Organization: A Guide. It has been incorporated into graduate school curricula. Peter Senge and co-authors of The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, cite this book as an excellent book of tools, techniques and exercises "with powerful quotations, helpful exercises, and some new ways of developing multiple perspectives." In 1995, Marcia was awarded the Minnesota Organization Development Practitioner of the Year. She has her Master's degree from the University of Minnesota in Adult Education. Marcia is a certified ICA facilitator and she is a senior associate with Power & Systems Inc. The majority of Marcia's work focuses on middle integration. This includes teaching the work of Barry Oshry and in facilitating Action Learning. Action Learning is a process that involves groups coming together to tackle real work challenges, learning from experience through reflection and action.

Action Learning groups can be groups of peers within the same organization, intact teams, or leaders from different organizations. Members of the group must have direct responsibility to act on issues addressed in the group. Groups that produce the best results meet over time, thus creating a cycle of experience, reflection, new insights, and action. For more information go to