Helping Leaders build magnetic organizations that people love to join and hate to leave

We work with executives and managers committed to creating and nurturing exciting, "magnetic" organizations that people really care about.

Magnetic organizations share a set of fundamental ingredients:

• visionary leadership,
• great products and services,
• prudent AND daring strategies and decision-makers,
• a critical mass of competently skilled and committed management,
• coherent AND flexible structures and processes, and
• a culture of learning rather than one of blame,
• a stimulating environment full of intriguing problems and supportive energy.

An organization that possesses these human processes is a powerful system whose results are predictable:

• It has staying power.
• It changes and renews itself.
• It sees the future in the present and it is not afraid to act.

Its foresight benefits all of its stakeholders - its members, its suppliers and customers, its investors and its overall community.

People thrive in supportive environments. Not uncritical environments, but ones where people are truly committed to each other - organizations where people honestly revel in the successes of others and where all sorts of people like working together. In other words, we support the development of partnership up, down, across, within and without organizations.

Mindfulness is the stuff of partnership. By that we mean that the more individuals, groups, collectivities of groups and organizations as totalities are aware of the factors that are shaping their lives, their thoughts, their attitudes and their behaviors, the greater the level of choice available in setting directions and actualizing potential. Awareness is the antidote to reaction. When we don't know how the world we are living in works, we are like people lost in a jungle swatting at mosquitoes: We are at the mercy of our environment without ever having a way to shape the forces confronting us, or, at a minimum, at least a way to think about how we can "be at home" with whatever our reality might be.

New Context has crafted an integrated framework to support mindfulness and organization greatness. Each of our services is designed to draw attention to organizational and environmental forces, dynamics and issues that are frequently pushed out of attention by the "blooming, buzzing confusion" of life. As each element of a holograph contains properties of an entire image, every component of our practice is embedded in an overarching model for organization development. This integrated approach:

• re-focuses organizational strategy by developing foresight about the future,
• adjusts organizational structures to embrace new possibilities and
• redesigns personal behavior and work processes to combine productivity and joy.

Some organizations may want to participate in the full range of our services. Most, however, will want to pick and choose from our menu to select those activities and processes that are best suited to their particular conditions. Different positions in the product development life cycle, varying levels of success with innovation and revenue generation efforts, distinctive customer and client demographics and organizational structure will all impact which of our services may be most germane to our your needs. We will collaborate with you to determine which, if any, of our methodologies are most suited to your organization.

Our services are organized into four categories to support client partners in their efforts to design and build magnetic organizations. Our unique point of view starts with the future -- what might be thought of as "last things first".

Envisioning the Future
Igniting imagination and articulating goals
Educating the Human System
Guiding strategic thinking, initiating collective action and . providing insight into the dramatic nature of everyday life
Eliciting the Best
Focusing groups and individuals on their own professional standards
Executing with Expertise
Involving the right people in organizational decision making

New Context does its best work with clients who want to understand organizational processes and who own the responsibility for bringing about needed change. We have expertise in certain ideas about leadership and management, and so do our clients. We have had exposure to many different types of organizations and industries. Our clients have depth insight into their own organization and its industry. Putting our competencies together is the best way to make a difference.

New Context works with some clients on a thoroughgoing organization development program while with others it provides specific services focused on a particular problem or domain. Whatever the scope of our effort whether it is a single conversation or a three-year engagement - New Context is committed to look for ways to truly be of value to all of the individuals and groups it works with. If we are not making a difference, we don't want to be there.

The full range of New Context's clients is truly quite extraordinary. As the table that you can reference here indicates, New Context has worked in a broad range of economic sectors and with scores of organizations of various sizes. Adding our affiliates to the mix, we can also say that we have had very broad international experience. Our engagements are primarily concerned with issues of whole system leadership and organizational learning. While many consulting firms address specific operational needs of particular functions, clients seek out New Context when they want to learn skills and ways of thinking that are oriented toward the success of the organization as a totality. Sometimes, we work at the divisional or departmental level, but it is always with a mind to the relationship of the particular to the whole. Clients also seek out New Context in order to create and cement processes that foster continuous learning. Many organizations give lip service to the notion of "learning how to learn" but New Context's clients want positive results to be "sticky." They want to be the models that others study.

As you can see by clicking on our Consultants Page, New Context is a world class team. Its members sit on the boards of private and non-profit corporations. They have taught at outstanding colleges and universities. They have published important articles in the fields of organization development and strategy. They have presented at national and international conferences. They have designed multi-faceted and extended training programs. They have confronted a myriad of different task and people problems. They have been educated at many of the world's finest universities. And, last but not least, they are each fascinating, and modest, individuals, and many of them have significant artistic talent. New Context can field a truly unique team of talent to support any organization that wants to build up its leadership muscle.