William B. Joiner, MBA, Ed.D.

883 Barrett's Mill Road,
Concord MA 01742

Bill Joiner has over 20 years experience consulting to companies in the US and Canada on leadership, teamwork, and organizational change. He is an expert in the design and facilitation of visioning, strategic planning, large-system change, process redesign, community-building, and team-building projects. He custom-designs and leads workshops in leadership, communication, collaboration, consulting, creative thinking, and stress management skills. He is also a trusted executive coach. One of his strengths is his ability to work collaboratively with clients to clarify organizational issues and opportunties, then custom-tailor interventions that achieve intended results.



Vision and Strategy

Bill has extensive experience helping companies and major divisions not only clarify their missions, objectives, and operating values, but also exercise the concerted leadership needed to put them into action. He has also custom-designed and facilitated strategic thinking projects with Boards, top management teams, strategic alliances, and cross-functional strategy-development teams. These projects have lead to the implementation of creative, forward-thinking strategic initiatives that have yielded outstanding financial results.

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Process Redesign and Business Issue Solutions

Bill Joiner is a Lead Consultant for our Fast-Track Change ProcessTM The process redesign efforts he has facilitated using this methodology have resulted in dramatically reduced cycle-time, significantly improved quality, and significant cost savings without layoffs. Bill was also part of a team who used this methodology help a Fortune 100 company change how it operationalized its strategy for software sales and development, increasing revenues by millions of dollars.

Bill is also an experienced facilitator for our Idea FactoryTM a creative-thinking process that has been used with great success both for organizational diagnosis and for organizational problem-solving.

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Leadership and Organizational Culture Change

Bill has many years' experience working with corporate leaders and leadership teams to create high-performance work cultures that foster trust, open communication, teamwork, innovation, and continuous improvement in quality and service. These engagements often begin with some form of organizational assessment, and includes a combination of leadership coaching, team-building, and organizational change activities -- resulting in tangible, on-going improvement in business performance.

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Dialogue and Community-Building Forums

Related to his work on organizational culture change, Bill has substantial experience assisting companies and corporate divisions in creating forums for dialogue and developing a stronger sense of community among people at all levels. Bill's work in this area ranges from facilitation of the Group Dialogue Process to assistance to internal task forces who have designed and held division-wide “Community Days” and company-wide meetings. This work has also included speech-writing and coaching assistance at the CEO level.

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High-Performance Teamwork

Bill has extensive experience in working with groups at all organizational levels to develop highly effective teams. His team development projects have ranged from the design and facilitation of executive team off-sites to longer-term engagements developing teamwork throughout whole organizational units. This work usually begins by assessing a group's current dynamics, whether or not it really needs to function as more of a team, and what kind of team it needs to become. The steps used to develop enhanced teamwork depend on this assessment, but may include work in the following areas:

Clarifying objectives, roles, and responsibilities. Becoming a stronger, more cohesive leadership team. Improving communication, problem-solving and decision-making.
Improving leader/team relationships.
Holding more effective meetings.

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Skills for Peak-Performance

Bill Joiner has over 25 years of experience leading training programs that enhance individual and organizational performance. For the past 20 years, he has been teaching managers how to practice and apply the “advocacy and inquiry” skills developed by Chris Argyris and Don Schon, popularized in Peter Senge's book, The Fifth Discipline. Bill has co-designed and led a variety of workshops in effective collaboration, coaching, and consulting, all of which draw upon these core skills.

He also custom-designs and leads workshops on leadership, creative-thinking, and stress-management. And he is a licensed trainer for the Organization WorkshopTM a simulation-based training on partnership and empowerment.

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Conference Presentations

Bill has been asked to present his work at a number of conferences in the US and Canada. His most recent presentation was at a November 1997 conference on “The Learning Organization” held by the International Association for Product Development. Joined by a one of his clients and a colleague, he showed how the cycle-time for a company's product development process was cut in more than half using the Fast-Track Change ProcessTM This material was evaluated as “most likely to be implemented” by conference participants compared to all other presentations.

Client List

Arthur D. Little
Aetna Life & Casualty
CSC Index
Digital Equipment Corp
Harvard University
McKinsey & Co.
Semiconductor Safety Assn.
The Travelers
Open Software Foundation
Clean Room Products
Interactive Data Corp.
Markem Corp.
Mercer Mgmt. Consulting
Shipley Company
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Shipley Company
Polaroid Corporation
Boston College
Cognex Corp.
Economics Resource Group
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Mass. General Hospital
William M. Mercer
Scott Paper Company


Bill Joiner brings to his consulting and training work a broad multi-disciplinary background in business, organizational dynamics, and human psychology:

Ed.D. (1983) Doctorate in Organization Behavior and Intervention. Harvard Graduate School of Education. (Thesis advisors: Chris Argyris, Don Schon, Marty Rein) M.B.A. (1974) Specialization in Organization Development. Edwin L. Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University.

B.A. (1972) Major in Social Science (philosophy, psychology and political science). Southern Methodist University.

Published Chapters and Articles
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“Dilemmas in Experiential Learning Programs: Toward a Holistic approach” in Eugene Byrne and Douglas Wolfe, Developing Experiential Learning Programs for Professional Education (1980), Jossey-Bass, San Francisco.

Unpublished Papers

Critical Success Factors for Effective Organizational Change Projects (1998, in progress)

Leading Organizational Change: The Four Phases of Change (1993) Recognizing and Feeling the Need for Change (1993) The New Business Paradigm: The 8 Key Competencies of the Learning Organization (1992)

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