New Context has extensive experience providing consulting, coaching, and training services that support executives and their teams in leading and managing mission-critical organizational change.

The Challenge of Leading and Managing Organizational Change

The leaders in most companies understand that the need for continuous organizational improvement is now a given. The ability to set the right change priorities and mobilize effective change efforts has become a central leadership

Often these changes call for a dramatic increase in cross-boundary collaboration and in alignment between organizational levels. For example:

• The owners and top managers of a global business are not aligned on business philosophy and strategic priorities.
• Two organizations have officially merged, but their corporate cultures have not.
• In another company, problems in the relationships between R&D, Manufacturing, and Sales have led to declining customer satisfaction and frustrating delays in bringing new products to market.
• Still another company needs to implement a new, team-based work structure, and knows that it needs assistance if this change is really going to work.

The question becomes: How to make these changes? How to communicate the need for change and get people to pull together in a spirit of true collaboration? How to make changes in a way that is timely and results in real commitment to the changes made? If new skills are needed to support these changes, what are the right skills, and what does it take for these skills to “stick”?

Organizational Change Consulting

Using a custom-tailored, whole-systems approach, New Context works with organizational leaders to design and facilitate effective processes for organizational change. We have many years' experience successfully completing change projects in the following areas:

• Forging alignment between owners or Boards and top managers
• Merging corporate cultures
• Designing and implementing new organizational structures
• Changing culture to improve business results
• Implementing team-based work structures
• Bringing about alignment between organizational levels
• Fostering cross-functional collaboration
• Resolving conflicts and healing wounds
• Process redesign and business issue solutions

Additional Services Supporting Successful Organizational Change

Many times these change efforts begin with some form of organizational diagnosis, where we work with the appropriate people to develop a collaborative assessment of organizational issues and changes that need to be made. At other times, an informal assessment of organizational change needs is all that is required.

In most cases, Change Management Consulting includes executive coaching for the leader of the organization. In many situations, we also provide coaching for people in other key leadership positions.

A well-functioning leadership team is an important component of most successful change efforts. When needed, Change Management Consulting includes assistance with building a cohesive leadership team.

While all these initiatives involve consulting and facilitation assistance, in some cases training programs also become a key part of the change effort.

Organizational Diagnosis

Whether a change effort requires an initial phase of organizational diagnosis, or simply an informal assessment of organizational change needs, New Context always provides clients with a high degree of involvement in the diagnostic

Executive Coaching for Organizational Leaders

New Context consultants often act as sounding boards and coaches, assisting leaders of organizational change in the following areas:

• Assessing organizational conditions and pinpointing key opportunities for high-leverage change.
• Articulating your own vision and strategy for change.
• Developing the organizational alliances required to support the change process.
• Determining the mix of authority and participation needed to develop commitment to change while moving at the required speed.
• Writing and preparing for important corporate speeches and presentations.
• Preparing for crucial meetings.
• Developing more productive relationships with other executives.

Building Cohesive Leadership Teams

A group of disparate people can become a powerful agent of change when they are united as a team of leaders. Many forces often stand in the way of this kind of teamwork, including a range of interpersonal issues and a variety of small group and organizational dynamics. Unseen and unaddressed, these factors can scuttle even the most ardent efforts to build a team. New Context draws upon a variety of perspectives and methods to help leadership teams realize the full power of their potential.

Trainings for Leaders of Organizational Change

All New Context training programs have been used to support different kinds of organizational change initiatives. (Go to an overview of trainings). However, three of these programs are especially designed to foster leadership competencies, regardless of a person's organizational level. Each of these three programs provides managers with a unique set of new insights, as well as new leadership strategies and behaviors they then use in effecting needed organizational change:

The Organization Workshop(TM) (simulation concentrating on leadership and partnership)