Anne Litwin

Anne Litwin, the President of Anne Litwin and Associates, has more than 25 years of global experience as a coach and consultant in a wide variety of organizations in the U.S.A., Europe, India, Africa, Canada, Mexico, People's Republic of China, Singapore and Malaysia. She was the CEO of her family business for seven years, and is recent past Chair of the Board of Directors of the NTL Institute of Applied Behavioral Science. She is a co-editor of Managing in the Age of Change, and is a founder of CenterPoint, a series of women's leadership programs.

Ms. Litwin's expertise lies in leadership and management development, team building, diversity work, sexual harassment prevention and counseling, change management, and teaming across global cultures. Her experience ranges from managing large-scale projects involving organizational culture change, to one-on-one coaching. She advocates and models a collaborative, inclusive approach to development. This approach stems from her belief that a participatory process, coupled with ongoing self-assessment, empowers her clients to empower others over the long term.

Ms. Litwin was the CEO of her family retail business for seven years. She is adjunct professor at American University and co-created CenterPoint, a leadership development program for women. She is also co-editor of the book, Managing in the Age of Change. She holds a Bachelors degree from the University of Wisconsin, a Masters in Community Psychology from Marist College, and is a doctoral student in Human and Organization Development. Ms. Litwin is a qualified user of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and is a certified Organization Workshop trainer. She is a member of NTL Institute and the Organization Development Network, and recent past-Chair of the Board of Directors of NTL Institute.

ANNE LITWIN & ASSOCIATES collaborate with you to achieve your personal and organization development goals. Our consultation services include assessment, diagnosis, coaching, and skill-building. Our approach reflects our conviction that success emerges from awareness, communication, teamwork, and balance.

Awareness - Develop and apply new insights with respect to self, group and system dynamics, and dimensions of diversity.

Communication - Strengthen ability to listen, communicate ideas, give and receive feedback, manage conflict, and interact across cultures. Open lines of communication and improve morale system-wide.

Teamwork - Empower and motivate work groups to function more effectively as part of an organizational system. Reveal and deal with power dynamics both within the team and within the system.

Balance - Assess work, professional, and personal priorities. Identify and apply strategies to restore or maintain a healthy and effective balance among them.

Anne Litwin and Associates is an international team of trainers and consultants. Our skilled consultants draw on leadership and entrepreneurial experience and experience with family businesses. The team is diverse by age, race, ethnicity, country, and region of the world. Project teams are formed from a pool of over 25 consultants to best meet the needs of each client's system.

Our Clients

Clients are public and private organizations seeking help with management and organizational development, team building, diversity work, sexual harassment prevention and counseling, change management, and global teaming across cultures. Clients also include executives, managers, and entrepreneurs seeking to build their leadership capacity by strengthening their interpersonal and strategic skills. Many also seek a better balance between career and personal priorities, asking,"How do I fit myself and my life into this vision of success I hold?"

Organizational clients include AT&T Chevron USA; Carter, Ledyard & Milburn; Microsoft; Siemens; Lucent Technologies; E Ink; Analog Devices; Hewlett Packard; U.S. Department of Justice; American Management Systems; Pfizer Pharmaceuticals; and the Wheelock College Center for Career Development.


Anne Litwin & Associates prides itself on its high quality network of affiliations.