New Context Consulting's "squad" of professionals has extensive experience speaking to large and small groups on a very wide variety of leadership and management topics. Many of our talks are infused with "experiential" elements, i.e., modules that get people up, doing and interacting with each other. Many call for personal reflection, i.e., we ask people to think about themselves and their way of working with others, their way of thinking about systems, and their way of leading organizations. And all introduce important concepts, such as:

The Future as a Leadership Tool
The Difference Between Wanting To Collaborate and Really Being Able To Do So
The Need For Freedom From Stereotypical Thinking,
How Changing Demographics Require Cross-Cultural Competency
How To Leverage The Power Of Middle Management
Environmentalism and Leadership
Whole Systems Leadership
Diversity as a Positive Force in Organizational Life

Obviously, this list could go on for many pages worth of topics. Please refer to our consultants section for the biographies of each of our affiliates. The range of talent represented by New Context and its affiliates is truly impressive. We look forward to working with you to identify the appropriate speaker or panel for your event.