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New Context Consulting offers its clients a full range of services designed to build truly powerful and creative organizations. Such organizations have a "magnetic" impact on people. Intrinsically motivated, excited people want to join magnetic organizations and they hate to leave them.

Our services integrate four interrelated capabilities:

Envisioning the Future -igniting imagination and articulating compelling goals [more]
Educating the Human System - guiding strategic thinking, learning how to see the "whole" system, provoking collective action, and providing insight into the theatrical nature of organizational life [more]
Eliciting the Best - establishing a credo of professionalism among groups and individuals at all levels of the organization [more]
Executing with Expertise - finding and using the right tools if work needs to be done in a new way. We believe that organizations that develop"mindfulness" and strength in each of these domains will excel not only in relationship to its competitors but also in the field of social responsibility [more]

The magnetic organization will contribute to the needs of the broader society by being:

a) concerned and empathic employers,
b) acting as a good citizens of whatever community it finds itself in and
c) exhibiting an environmental consciousness.

The headings below link to more detailed descriptions of each of the specific services that support the development of these four fundamental capabilities.Within these links there may be further elaboration of each of the services, such as client stories that illustrate their application. Some of the services support the development of more than one capability so they may be mentioned more than once.

Envisioning the Future

Educating the Human System
Elicitng the Best
Executing with Expertise


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