A detailed presentation of our consulting and training services, organized into six practice areas, with each service linked to client stories.
An introduction to our principal and our broader network of senior consultants, with links to individual bios.
An overview of our capabilities and our track-record over the past 20 years in working with client companies in the US, Canada, and Europe.
A representative client list, by industry, and a second way to access client stories organized by practice area (type of service provided).
A way to find out what's new with us (leading-edge services and events) and to let us know what's new with you.
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New Context Site Map

Envisioning the Future
Future Tense
Shared Vision Process
Shared Vision Company Stories
Shared Vision Corporate Stories
The Idea Factory
Executive Coaching
Customer-Supplier Dialogues
Custom Designed Conferences
Educating the Human System
Merging Cultures: The Power of Difference
Leadership Development Programs
Organizational Diagnosis
Leadership & Culture Change
The Organization Workshop
Organization Workshop II
Middle Power
System Time Out Process (STOP)
Motivational Speeches
Eliciting the Best
Not Your Old Mental Model
A Collaborative Approach to Conflict
Facilitation for Results
Executing with Experience
Fast Track Change Process
Representative Fast Track Projects
Skills for Peak Performance
Organization Workshop Details
Customized Training Program Details
Simply the Best Leadership
System Time Out Process Details
The Idea Factory
Michael Sales - Principal
Bill Joiner
Jonathan Milton
Lisa Hirsch
Marcia Hyatt
Grady McGonagill
Angelo Lamola
Harvey Greenberg
Anne Litwin
Robert Dickman
Bill Wilson
David Stephenson
Steve Stulck
Michael Beach
Mary Lou Michael
Richard Karash
Amy Oberg
Fred Wergeles
Barton Knustler
What's New
Family Business Dynamics
Training & Development Integration
World Futures SocietyAssembly
Published Articles
Magnetic Organization Quiz