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Leading-Edge New Context Services

Merging Cultures: The Power of Difference

Merging Cultures is a one day program for organizations that want to reflect on the nature of its cultural dynamics and the impact that they are having on effectiveness. Based on the break though thinking of Barry Oshry and his associates, Merging Cultures is a fun way of getting into complex and sensitive topics affecting every organization

Future Tense

One thing's for sure about the future: It's going to be a lot different than we expect! FutureTense is a new service from New Context that clients can use to take a structured approach to analyzing possible future developments. If you or your organization is facing a big decision, if things are happening that seem confusing, or if you are concerned that old strategies may no longer be relevant to the world that's coming, perhaps you should start developing your FutureTense.

Organization Workshop II: Global Consultants Inc.*

This elaborate simulated organization exercise was an important component of Ashland Chemical's award- winning leadership development program. New Context consultants co-designed the program and have delivered it many times.

The Idea Factory

These custom-designed, facilitated forums for creative thinking and problem-solving have been applied to a wide range of specific business or organizational issues, including visioning, strategic planning, organizational diagnosis, and organizational problem-solving. They're great for generating new ideas that would otherwise never see the light of day.

The Fast-Track Change Process.

New Context has been using this rapid-paced, participative organizational change methodology to help clients redesign business processes and solve other "hard" business issues. The results have been outstanding. Fast-Track is a great methodology to work with,because it's flexible, it's extremely effective, and it generates a lot of enthusiasm and commitment within the organization.

Bulletin Board

"Using the Fast-Track Change Process to Radically Reduce Product Development Cycle Time," presentation by Bill Joiner at the conference on "The Learning Organization," held in Santa Cruz, California, by the International Association for Product Development. This presentation was evaluated as “most likely to be implemented” by conference participants.

"Family Business Dynamics," executive briefing by Michael Sales for the Boston Office of CIGNA Financial Advisors. The presentation covered the unique opportunities and challenges facing closely held corporations.

"How Training and Development Contribute to a World Class Small Business Learning System," executive briefing by Michael Sales, for the top management group of the ECC Corporation, Worcester, Massachusetts.

"Ashland Chemical's 'Simply the Best' Leadership Development Program." Jonathan Milton and Michael Sales discussed their experience consulting on the design and delivery of this award-winning program at the Trainers' Roundtable in Cambridge. The presentation was extremely well-received.

New Context participates in World Futures Society assembly. The WFS is an international body with over 30,000 members, including many government officials and industry executives. Jonathan Milton and Michael Sales spent four days at this program networking and collecting data.



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